About Us

Rustic Heirloom is a small workshop located in Concord, North Carolina, that creates leather goods that are all handmade in-house, that embodies the simplicity of life in a rustic way, but are also rugged to withstand the lifestyle of travel and outdoor adventures.

Meet The Family Behind Rustic Heirloom Leather


Hey Rustic Heirloom Family!  We are the Hough’s, Joe, LeAnn, Alecx, Brennen and Cadence.  We are the “who” behind Rustic Heirloom.  Family is the stuff that holds Rustic Heirloom together and we are so thankful for your support and glad you are a part of it. Leather crafting started many years ago while a much younger Joe was in the Boy Scouts.  Making sheaths for pocket knives, key chains and belts.  Throughout the years leather working has been an on and off again journey, crafting something new each time the need for a new leather item came about.  Most recently, after receiving a new watch for Christmas, there was a need for a new leather watch band and of course a new leather wallet to match.  Soon after crafting these items, friends and family members started requesting leather goods of their own. Crafting away in our little workshop located in Concord, North Carolina has become a creative outlet and a stress reliever from our hectic day-to-day.   This is where the idea of Rustic Heirloom was born. Since early 2019 we have been making custom leather goods and we are ecstatic to have launched our own website and product line in November 2019.

Family. Tradition. Adventure.