Limited Lifetime Warranty

Thank you for your supporting our family legacy.  We stand behind every item that leaves our shop.  Though we understand that not everything can be perfect and sometimes there are defects: threads break, things come undone, etc.  We understand that somethings are out of our control.  That is why we offer you a little piece of mind when it comes to your “heirlooms” you receive from us.  We warrant any defect in materials and craftsmanship.

If you are the original owner and find that your heirloom has a defect and needs to be repaired, let us know.  All returns must be approved by our service department and shipped to us, at your cost, with a prepaid return shipping label to be able to return your repaired heirloom.  You must include your proof of purchase with your return.  If we are able to fix it, then that is what we will do.  If not, we will replace it and inform you that this is what was done. 

Our heirlooms are crafted to last a lifetime.  However, they are not crafted to withstand being poorly maintained or misused, such as using them as chew toys for your dogs or taking them for a swim.  Also, our warranty does not include fees associated with shipping.

So treasure your heirloom like family and it will withstand the journey of your life’s adventure.

This warranty will be void if your heirloom is traded or sold to another person and/or determined by Rustic Heirloom Leather, LLC to have been poorly maintained, mistreated or used outside of its intended purpose.